Aren’t We Students, Too?

I’ve already posted twice today, so I have no problem not writing out a fully thought-out post at this point… but this thought keeps bouncing around my brain today.

Aren’t we students, too?

I don’t know if this is true in other states, but it seems that in California, most professional development is given by other teachers. We should be the best presenters out there, but we just… throw all of our skills out the window when it comes to teaching each other. I see this in myself, incidentally.

All the things we say we should be doing with students… why don’t we ever do that with professional development? Things like engaging all three modalities, engaging the audience, proper wait times, etc.

At this point, we’ve abused our fellow teachers so much, I can only think of one thing we’ve truly taught well- that we can (and perhaps should) ignore professional development and presentations in general. This is a great shame, since other teachers really are the greatest resources. The research apparently tells us that this is so.

It will take a long time to overcome that negative reinforcement.


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