Below are links to various software assets. I’m trying to list only free software, but feel free to send me anything.




icon_340[1]          Adobe Voice– [Free] An app which appears to only be available on iPad. Pretty easy to use.


glogster-icon-jpg[1]           Glogster– [Free] Posters gone interactive. Make sure to make an educator account and have your students make a student account for cool features.


Other-drive-icon[1]            Google Drive/Docs– [Free] I think anyone and everyone should have one of these. Also be sure to check out Google’s other offerings like calendars, sites, Picassa, etc.


Microsoft-Office-PowerPoint-icon[1]              PowerPoint– [$$$, but see if you have a site license] Not much to say here. This is the original.


prezi-apple-touch-icon[1]            Prezi– [Free] Make sure to create an educator site like with Glogster for cool, free features.


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